Trying to find solvers for your business challenge?

You need to solve a business challenge, innovation challenge, startup challenge?

Our Search Engine is able to find all companies who can solve a specific challenge on your platform. No longer go through Google and Crunchbase for ages. Faster with higher quality. Satisfy your client by speeding up your internal processes.

We identify which companies you are looking for based on the challenge. Then use our Search Engine and deliver the list of companies in an online accessible dashboard. Per company we deliver a lead within the company to contact for you so they can apply for the challenge on your platform.

To maximize the value of a supplier you need to know all

Many suppliers and manufacturers have out dated websites with not much traffic. Hereby, search engines do not show them.

Therefore, scouting for multiple suppliers with the same product/service/technology can take ages using current Search Engines. 
To maximize competition between te suppliers it is useful to find as much as possible.

We help procurement departments to find specific cutting-edge suppliers and/or a higher quantity of a specified type of supplier.

Do you need to map industries or find potential partnership (for your client)?

As a consultancy firm you need to help your clients to find potential M&A opportunities, cutting edge suppliers or partners.
Using Google​​​​​​ you or your team needs to do a lot of manual work.
With InForIntelligence search engine, AiThena we solved this problem.

We deliver you to the companies they are looking for from which they never heard.

Innovation and New business teams at Corporations

With the ever-changing pace of the current technology landscape, it is tremendously hard to stay on top of the market as a large organization. Innovation and Strategy teams are responsible for pinpointing their organization towards the right innovations and developments in the market.

We help these organizations with their business challenges and identifying high valuable prospect companies to help them with this ever-growing challenge.

We update our clients regarding a specific niche on a quarterly basis.

Do you have very specific search needs and want to tap into our sourcing technology?