Kurita Water Industries

Our solutions are a great fit for companies with very specific needs. From our portfolio of clients, Kurita Water Industries is the best example of a client with precise and granular information requirements.

Kurita Water Industries is a frontrunner in the water treatment industry. It is essential for them to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in specific niche technologies to maintain their position in their market.

So far they were analyzing patent databases and keeping a close eye on the latest developments in their industry. We at InForIntelligence were able to apply a new source of information by analyzing the internet for new innovations by companies in their core fields and thus provide new collaboration opportunities.

We started by creating benchmarks from their research of patent databases and applied it to our sourcing algorithms. A great deal of new research and opportunities to develop solutions turned up that were going unnoticed before.

After tuning our algorithms even more, our AI searched the internet for innovative companies that apply these technologies and that match with the process of Kurita. Results were amazing. We surfaced many companies previously unknown to them that provide these technologies.

It’s hard to remain your position as frontrunner in the technological race with fierce competition. We provided a competitive advantage for Kurita and for InForIntelligence it is a great learning experience.

Do you have very specific search needs and want to tap into our sourcing technology?