KVK Business Challenge Platform

Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) Business is an open innovation platform that acts as a bridge between innovative companies and corporations in the Netherlands.

Since its beginning, InForIntelligence has been a technology sourcing partner.

Our solution helps them find emerging innovation that best fit the needs of their corporate partners.

During the Business Challenge platform, corporations present their challenges and innovation companies apply and offer their solutions. Initially, KVK spent a lot on marketing activities to attract the right innovative companies for the right business challenges with mediocre results. After presenting our solution, we struck a partnership.

The pace in which we deliver results gives KVK’s Innovation department time to focus on the crucial part of defining business challenge of their clients in much more detail.

They deliver very granular keywords and this, in turn, enables InForIntelligence’s AiThena to surface hard-to-find solutions and therefore very interesting innovative companies. Worldwide reach of our search brings efficiency while still being cheaper than traditional market outreach.

Do you undergo a similar process and want to provide interesting collaboration opportunities to your existing clients?