Our Team

  • Julien Winkel


    Julien started being entrepreneur at a young age. Being selected for several awards on being a young entrepreneur. He founded multiple successful companies. Through and Through Entrepreneur.

  • Niek Hermus


    The challenge to solve complex business problems by making great use of the opportunities that technology offers is what makes him enthusiastic. With InForIntelligence we are doing just that.

  • Nicholas Kappel

    Back end developer

    Nicholas is very skilled back-end developer. Has 4 years of experience with building machine learning algorithms and works on the more complex parameters for InForIntelligence.

  • Kate Mitchell

    Freelance senior software engineer

    Kate is an experienced lead developer. She worked in IBM and Sky. She oversees development and guides the team towards efficient progress. Besides this, she is responsible for scaling the project in the cloud.

  • Jose Campost

    Full stack data scientist

    Jose has a great eye for collecting and visualizing data, he also has vast experience with security around the data. He is responsible for the dashboard and helps us with updating our cloud infrastructure from time to time.

  • Bjarne Zaal

    Business analyst

    Bjarne has always be a friend of the company. Therefore, he knows all the ins and outs of InForIntelligence. With this expertise he is an essential part of the team.

  • Peter Haslebacher

    Strategic advisor

    Peter is a great asset to the team due to his great knowledge and experience. With positions like COO APAC at Shift Technology, Head of Global Strategic Alliance at FIS and COO Insurance solutions at Sungard, and now he is helping us with the Operations, strategy and business development.