Our technology

We use a combination of Big Data, RPA and AI to automate the process of finding highly valuable interesting companies through analyzing the internet.


InForIntelligence’s database consists of 250 million domain names and this database is being updated every week.


The first phase of our sourcing technology is keyword based, we are able to identify the most interesting technologies based on keyword occurrence within the 250million website database InForIntelligence maintains.


Filtering is an important step in our technology, our algorithms search through a database of 250 million domain names. So you can imagine it faces a lot of non-interesting websites as well. InForIntelligence has build 10+ filters to filter the non-company websites from the company websites.


We don’t want to manually go through this list of companies and look at each website . Our technology automates this. It looks at 20+ parameters in order to pinpoint clients towards the most relevant companies.


Based on a mix of requirements of the clients and the parameter occurrence, we are able to deliver a lit of the best-matchching companies within a certain technology field. This way, you will always be on top of your market, without the fear of missing out on potential opportunities.


We are delivering information in a personalized, whitelabeled dashboard, for your organization to use and share. This way, you will always be able to use our information in an agile way.